Vanguard Center Buckle Sandal

Vanguard Center Buckle Sandal

  • AED 1,260.00

Made In:Italy

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Designed in the UAE 

Country of production: Made in ITALY

Materials: Made of genuine (calf) leather 

Colors: This product comes with 4 colors ( Black, White, Grey Sky, Green Brown )

Sizes: (7-7.5–8-8.5-9 9.5–10-10.5-11 11.5 - 12)

Care instructions for the sandal:

-Do not expose to water, humidity and high temperatures, so that the skin is not affected at high temperatures.

-Avoid wearing sandals while performing ablution, exercising, walking on rocky surfaces and on the beach.

Warranty: 6 months on detached logo , stitching.

Warranty does not cover leather problems: like scratches, or wet by water/ sweat or any other problems because of miss-using.

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Experience the ultimate fusion of style and comfort with our Warrior Center Buckle Sandal in black. Crafted with genuine calf leather, designed in the UAE, and expertly made in Italy. Embrace a touch of elegance for your everyday adventures.

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