Our Story


Where luxury fashion meets Arabian elegance

Feathers provides a plethora of exquisite items from timepieces to meticulously crafted handbags, while never leaving out the final touch of Feather's signature style, the connection to Emirati's heritage and Arabian roots.

Where it started

On October 10, 2010, Feathers embarked on a remarkable journey of style, founded by three Emirati entrepreneurs, including the innovative Khalid Basaeed. The brand's inception marked the beginning of a new chapter in the world of fashion, with a deep-rooted connection to Emirati heritage and culture.

Combining luxury with aesthetics, Feathers proudly represents the Emirati and Middle Eastern fashion on a global stage. A luxury Emirati brand fusing Arabian heritage and modernity into timeless masterpieces, Feathers offers an expansive collection that encompasses meticulously crafted leather goods, exquisite timepieces, sophisticated writing instruments, fine jewelry, alluring fragrances, captivating accessories, stylish sunglasses, and top-of-the-line shoes.

With a commitment to combining opulence with cultural significance, Feathers embodies the essence of Emirati elegance and sets an extraordinary standard in the realm of luxury.

The Meaning Behind Feathers:

The name, Feathers, was chosen to be the best-fitted choice for this high-end fashion brand due to its resemblance of the magnificent peacock feathers that resonates with its vibrant and lively colors, hence it was the most suitable name for Feather's luxurious approach.

The Meaning Behind the Logo:

Feathers unique and elegant logo design is anything but standard. Inspired by the traditional and classical architecture of UAE's previous, antiqued establishments that were uniquely designed with rounded geometric shapes. With that, the logo was brought to life by creatively combining UAE's history in a four intersecting geometric shape that created the well-known emblem of Feathers.

Our Vision

Feathers aims to become one of the global high-end fashion brands that elegantly combines both modernity with a touch of Arabic flair that provides a chance for feather’s admirers, across the globe, to deeply connect with their heritage and roots.

Khalid Basaeed, Founder of Feathers UAE, the first Emirati brand for luxury goods, is an Emirati entrepreneur and a UAE University graduate, majoring in Architecture and holding a MSc degree in Urban Design from Edinburgh College of Art. His studies opened his eyes to product design, which was one of the majors offered in college. Having noticed a gap in the market for Arabic identity in the luxury industry, Basaeed, displaying unparalleled vision, decided to start his own business by establishing the 1st Emirati brand, and the rest is history.
Feathers UAE's first boutique opened in Abu Dhabi, the capital, and precisely at the iconic Dalma Mall. Other shops followed, and today the ever-expanding brand has a strong presence with a total of 9 stores across all cities in the UAE.

Feathers aspires to fuse Arabian heritage with modern luxury, creating timeless masterpieces that resonate with admirers worldwide.